Products of Olympia Land

From the ancient times until our days the way that we make the products of the land of Olympia remains unchanged.

Learn and create by yourself beauty products, creams and soap, from herbs of ancient Greek land.


Pure olive oil soap

Soap has got its origins in ancient Greece. According to the myth, the soap took its name from Greek poet Sapfo, by rephrasing her name.

There is only one way to create a high quality soap with olive oil: the "cold saponification", and we know this method from the ancient times.


Wax cream

Wax creams are an old tradition. They come from ancient recipes in order to make our skin beautiful. In ancient Greece beauty products were made from pure olive oil and bee wax. These creams are rich in propolis with antiseptic, soothing, anti-inflamantory and healing properties, and they help the skin to remain soft and full of collagen.


Galinos Cream

A gentle, nutrinional and for different uses cream that can be used as a face cream and de-makeup cream. It was first made from Claudius Galenus in the 2nd century AD.

A try can convince you about the reason why such a simple beauty product managed to survive for 1800 years.

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