Other Sea Ports

Other Sea Ports

Kyllini Port

Kyllini is the gateway to mainland Greece for Zakynthos and Cephalonia. The once small port has been developed in recent years to become a large and industrious link between the Ionian Islands and mainland Greece.

It is located 65Km northwest of Ancient Olympia.

Patras Port

The port of Patras is the gateway of our country to Europe and is one of the most modern ports in the Mediterranean, offering modern port infrastructure, a modern cruise terminal, quality-integrated hospitality services and hygiene and safety standards. It is located 113Km north of Ancient Olympia.

On July 11th 2011 the new South Port of Patras has become operable for the itineraries between Patras and Italy.

The Southern Passenger Port of Patras has a platform of 992m total length, built with caissons of reinforced concrete in a zigzag alignment. It consists of 4 dock stations and it has 15 docks, 11 of which can be used for mooring by stern and 4 can be used for side-mooring. In addition the Southern Port has breakwaters of 1.236m total length, built with caissons of reinforced concrete.


Kalamata Port

The port of Kalamata is located at the NE head of Messiniakos Kolpos, in southern Greece. It is located 113 Km south of Ancient Olympia.
A mole runs alongside the shore for 300m and is then surrounded by another breakwater 400m in length.

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